JCG Land Services staff has over 30 years of right of way design experience with the Iowa Department of Transportation, and consulting engineering firms in Iowa. We are adept at comprehending engineering design plans and are capable of preparing a proposed right of way acquisition corridor that maintains the safety... Read More
JCG Land Services has professional staff with significant abstracting experience with ownership research and title determination to assist on any of our projects. Subsequently, we have developed strategic partnerships with abstracting companies across Iowa and around the Midwest to provide timely title services on any number of projects. Read More
For uncomplicated partial acquisitions, or those parcels where just compensation is expected to be less than the respective State or Federal limits, JCG Land Services will research arm’s-length comparable sales data to determine a range of value to be used for allocating compensation for easement rights. Read More
JCG Land Services offers a variety of GIS and GPS services to meet the needs of our clients. The Director of our GIS department has provided professional GIS services since 1996 and is supported by an experienced staff of GIS and GPS technicians. Our team can assist clients and support... Read More
For complicated acquisitions, or those expected to exceed the respective State or Federal statutory limits in just compensation, JCG Land Services’ team will retain the services of experienced eminent domain Appraisers and Review Appraisers to provide expert and reliable allocation of just compensation. Our team has partnerships with qualified eminent... Read More
Our document specialists continually strive for consistency and accuracy in all acquisition documentation and file preparation. Prior to negotiations, JCG Land Services will request templates from the Acquiring Authority to use for the preparation of temporary and permanent acquisition documents, purchase agreements, and other supporting transfer documents as required by... Read More
JCG Land Services’ project management representatives will meet with the Client to discuss project details including construction schedule, regulatory process, route planning, number of parcels, and other tasks requested by the Client. Based on the project Scope of Services, JCG Land Services will develop a project manpower plan and a... Read More
JCG Land Services’ staff is well versed in the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 and will complete each project by meeting all requirements and expectations of the acquiring and/or funding authority. We are very adept at establishing a positive, trustworthy and empathetic relationship with... Read More
JCG Land Services is able to provide closing assistance services, upon request, including, but not limited to, the following tasks: Complete the real estate closing processes and procedures per local regulations Clear title by securing judgment and lien releases, and partial mortgage releases Coordinate preparation for the closing - including... Read More
To support our comprehensive right of way practices, JCG Land Services also has dedicated accounting and quality management and assurance groups who are responsible for task accountability, tracking and reporting project budget and costs, and project completion analysis with invoice accrual data. This earned value analysis enables us to provide... Read More

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