Who We Are

At JCG Land Services, our core values are the code we live by. Our mission is to provide a full spectrum of right of way services for utility companies and public agencies by bridging the gap between clients and property owners throughout the land acquisition and construction process. We achieve this by applying our core values of accountability, focus on the customer, ethics and integrity, leadership, quality management, balance, and safety. We are committed to building a culture that will allow us to help you build the future.


JCG Land Services’ employees accept personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work. We acknowledge and correct mistakes, and don’t make excuses or blame others for errors or problems. Each employee carries their fair share of the workload and is dedicated to performing to the satisfaction of the customer. We take ownership and pride in achieving desirable results.

Customer Focus

We are focused on knowing our customers and can describe their expectations. We manage customer needs successfully and strive to meet all of the requirements of both the internal project team and the external customer. Our specialists work hard to gain both our customers’ and landowners’ trust and respect. We actively seek feedback on the quality of the services we provide and quickly work to solves customer problems.

Ethics & Integrity

JCG Land Services’ employees respect and maintain confidentiality. When mistakes are made they are admitted in spite of the potential for negative consequences. Our employees present unpleasant or disagreeable facts in an appropriate manner and keeps promises. We avoid situations and associations that could be considered inappropriate and not in the best interest of JCG Land Services or our clients. We are dedicated to being honest in all dealings and uphold the values and mission of the company.


The leadership of JCG Land Services works hard to gain the support of others. We build voluntary cooperation through credibility, expertise, influence and persuasion. We endeavor to generate excitement, enthusiasm, and commitment to the JCG Land Services’ mission. We consistently link our mission and values to everyday work and we are committed to capturing the potential in people, opportunities and events. We are willing to change or abandon current practices and programs when more effective strategies are developed and we take appropriate risks to improve performance, try something new, or reach a challenging goal. We communicate clear and concise expectations to JCG Land Services’ employees.

Quality Management

JCG Land Services’ employees are dedicated to producing quality work the first time with focus on the customer. We utilize a strategic and continuous approach to improvement to ensure quality results.


JCG Land Services’ employees take a proactive stand to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance for employees through team work and flexibility in scheduling.


JCG Land Services does their utmost to ensure the health of employees and strives to meet work place requirements to provide an accident-free environment.

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