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With more than 90 years of combined Right of Way experience, founding members, Jay Walton, Carrol McCracken, and Gene Asklof have developed a partnership that built the foundation for JCG Land Services, Inc. Our mission is to provide a full spectrum of right of way services for utility companies and public agencies by bridging the gap between clients and property owners throughout the land acquisition and construction process.

Service, Experience, & Pride

Successfully acquiring private property rights for infrastructure and public improvement projects is what we do. Our founding partners have witnessed twenty-five years of successful growth in the industry and that tells us we are providing a unique service like no one else can in the Midwest. Our wealth of experience with a wide variety of projects and landowners allows us to foresee complications, or the unexpected, and quickly develop strategies and reach creative solutions to complex or difficult acquisitions on a large scale. We take great pride in historically having very few condemnations out of the many thousands of parcels we've had under contract.

A Local Touch of Excellence

Our approach to project development, staff and process management, quality control, and our ability to execute the work plan is both innovative and highly-successful. JCG Land Services provides reliable and consistent results to our clients, and our employees are accountable for the goals and reputation of the company. JCG Land Services is an employee owned and operated company with corporate offices in Nevada, Cedar Rapids, Urbandale, and Leon, Iowa. Our employees live and work locally, and exhibit a strong Midwest work ethic while being respectful of the local culture. With our office locations, we are geographically close enough to most project sites to offer economical efficiencies, yet far enough away that we don't have personal conflicts with affected property owners. This aspect allows us to serve our clients well by providing a buffer between the affected property owners and the Acquiring Authority's staff.

Our work processes and products comply concisely with Federal and State codes regarding the eminent domain process. We uphold the rights provided to property owners and adhere to the sequence of events and tasks required to successfully acquire the proposed right of way. For real-time project status information, we have the ability to deliver comprehensive reports on a periodic basis, or we can share them on a cloud-based server for the team to update and for our clients to view on an as-needed basis.

International Right of Way Association

JCG Land Services is a strong supporter of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA). A very high percentage of our right of way staff have attended IRWA courses covering a wide range of subject matter applicable to right of way acquisition. JCG Land Services will continue to be an active participant in the IRWA and continue to encourage its staff to attend IRWA professional development courses and certification.


JCG Land Services has been a leading resource for right of way acquisition services in the Midwest for years. We continue to grow and develop innovative methods to improve our processes, adding value to our product deliverables. We can, and will, complete your proposed project in the most effective and efficient manner because of the wealth of experience we have accumulated and successes we have achieved.

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